Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Hike - Clear Fork

Wyatt and I took off on a winter hike along the shore of Clear Fork reservoir.  The snow is all melted away again but the crust of ice along the water's edge shows that it is still winter season here in Ohio.  A stiff breeze was coming off the water and made the 34 degrees F air feel chilly and raw.   We hiked about 1 1/2 miles before turning around for a total distance of 3 miles. 

This outing today was a field test of my new Columbia Ski Jacket. My old parka was about 10 years old and fraying at the seams. The zipper tab broke off the other day so I think the coat has proved it's worth and the time for retirement has come.  The new Columbia wears great -lightweight yet comfy warm blocking the February wind coming off the water completely.  I didn't have a choice of color as the coat was on clearance sale but figured the bright red color would provide good visibility on the ski hill.  Wyatt is sporting his Yukon Hats bomber style with real rabbit fur on the front and ear flaps.  Out of the wind he had to take it off it works so well. 



  1. Your son looks like a Roosky in that hat! :]

    Nice photos; the top one is fantastic and the wind-blown ripples on the surface of the water give me a chill.

    1. Thanks phattire. He's mostly American-German but you are right he looks the part! The ripples on the surface are not wind blown but actually little ice cubes floating on the surface wind blown to the shore line.

  2. There are some things even more important than radio. hih

    I got into "geocaching" as an excuse to spend a day in the woods with my kids and my grand kids. I find it an enjoyable pastime.

    I like those which require a short hike:

  3. My boy Tommy and all his chums are wearing the mad bomber hats too. Looks like a cool spot you guys found. 73 de Tom, ab9nz