Thursday, October 29, 2015

Into Fall On Three Wheels

As always I love the transition from late summer to fall.  Among other outdoor activities I like to pursue I've gotten out on my Catrike 700 a few times.  Other than the Ti-GP bike which I ride to work most days I've neglected all my other bikes.  The trike is just plain fun to ride.  I keep waiting for the novelty to wear off but I keep falling further into lust with this sweet ride.

Periodically I make small tweaks and adjustments to perfect my fit to the machine.  I'm a big fan of Catrikes' overall design and in particular the steering system.  The grips and wrist rests can be adjusted forward and aft and tilted in or out to suit ones preference.  This design is a departure from many recumbents out there that rely on a more or less traditional handlebar setup.  After experimenting with the forward and back positioning of the hand grip I tilted them both in with just enough clearance for my hips during ingress and egress of the cockpit.  Like an open wheel race car or a fighter jet this cycle is a machine you get into rather than ride on. 

I missed the peak of the fall foliage with my camera but still beautiful in any event.  Recently I returned to Mt Vernon, Ohio to ride the HOOT trail and take a look from the observation tower in Founders Park.

Later back on the trail I was just riding along and all of a sudden my rear tire went flat.  Earlier when I went to top off my pressure the little insert in the presta valve popped right out the stem before I could attach the pump head.  I screwed it back in and inflated the tube as usual.  When the tire went flat on the trail I just figured the valve was broken so I pulled the wheel with the intention of replacing the whole tube.  For shits and grins I tried pumping the original tube back up and it held air fine.  I kept checking as I continued on my ride and had no more problems.  I have no idea what that was all about.

It won't be long now and the view will be back to cold grays and browns but even that I'll take over the view from the couch.