Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

Yes I realize it's a little late in the season to be reporting my first ride but better late than never.  I do have a good excuse for my hiatus from the road though. Earlier this year The RoadQueen and I got hitched and bought a farm.  Needless to say whipping up a long neglected farm back into operational status; cleaning out the old house and holding down the old 9 to 5 has kept me pretty busy this summer.

Finally I had some time this morning to dust off the titanium Motobecane and don my stretchy clothes for a little shakedown ride.  After a summer of farm work; everything from chucking hay bales, fixing fences to demolishing a couple old buildings I've managed to stay in great shape and even lost 10 pounds. But I was curious to see what shape the old legs were in.

The property we bought lies a few miles west of town smack dab in the middle of bucolic North central Ohio I have photographed so many times during my rides around this area.  No more stop lights and traffic getting into and returning from my rides.  Right from my driveway is nothing but long stretches of lonely rural roads. A biker's paradise for sure.

The Motobecane and its twelve year old componentry performed reliable just as it had during our last outing.  It felt wonderful to back out spinning away and didn't feel as if I'd missed a beat.  My wireless computer's batteries had long since gone dead but my trusty smart phone kept track of the data which I didn't worry about until I'd finished the ride.

Parcher Road Short Loop

Bike:  Motobecane Le Champion
Ride Time:  1:02
Distance:  16.54 Miles
Average Speed:  15.77 mph

I was pleased with the data. My average was right up where it has been during past seasons on the road bike. Not bad for nearly a year off the bike.  Best of all the farm sits not far from one of my favorite routes: Parcher Road Loop. I shortened up the ride a bit since I forgot my water bottle and found it makes for a nice hour long jaunt.