Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Woods Walk

The first winter storm of the year swept into the Ohio valley with a vengeance last night.  When I got up this morning I found all covered in a blanket of white.  Most people moan and groan and complain that they're not ready for the cold. Not me I love the changing seasons and planned my day to get out and enjoy it.

I thought about cross country skiing but the ground is still a bit soft in places and the snow was very heavy and wet. Sometimes those conditions can make skiing more of pain when the slushy stuff sticks to the bottoms of my boards. So I just put on my pack boots and decided to go for a walk.

I tossed my camera in my backpack as I always do but with the gray stark scenery I didn't figure I would get any nice shots.  

To my surprise though, after a half hour into my hike the storm clouds abruptly cleared out from the west and an intense sunshine electrified my surroundings.  It was really amazing like a light switch had been thrown.

The Clear Fork went from cold steely gray to deep blue.  Truly a vibrant contrast to earlier in the day.  I spent a few hours in the woods enjoying the day and our first winter snowfall.  Once again I'm glad I threw in the camera.  It always seems the good shots come around when they're not expected but today I was ready.