Monday, February 13, 2012

News from A.R.S. W8MDE

I keep an eye on the SKCC website so I know when to plan some time for the monthly Week End Sprint. WES is a CW (Morse Code Radiotelegraphy) contest using only hand keys or semi-automatic keys "bugs" for short.

February's conditions were excellent at my QTH.  Quietest band conditions I've heard on 80, 40 and 20 meters in a while.  Cold winter nights with no thunderstorms on the upper 48 and plenty of solar radiation from the sun primes the ionosphere to bounce radio signals back to Earth.  The contest theme was QRP which means 5 watts or less.  Contacts with these QRP ops gets extra bonus points.  I had to keep looking at my signal meter because many of them sounded very loud on my speaker.  I operated in the usual 50-100 watt range and used my NT9K Pro Pump SKCC key for every contact. (The key in the picture at top) The SKCC club key has displaced every straight key I've tried and I'm starting to wonder if I can find a better one.

WES - 12 Feb 2012

7.118  NE5DL/qrp  Texas
3.547  W9DLN  Wisconsin
3.549  K4ZGB  Alabama
7.116  F6HKA  France
14.052  WA5KMA  Texas
14.059  WI0S/qrp  Minnesota
7.051  WB0UCP  Iowa
7.055  K8JD  Michigan
14.050  K4ZGB  Alabama*
7.115  W4CUX/qrp  Georgia
7.112  WD4SCZ  Kentucky
7.112  NW2K/qrp  New York
7.111  WA0BGV  Missouri
7.107  W9DLN  Wisconsin*

*Contact made on second band.

Speaking of Weekend Sprintathons I received an email from the SKCC club back in January.  A fine certificate was attached.  Thanks to all the fine ops I've had the good fortune to run into on the air and those behind the scenes that make the club and it's events a success.  Time sure flies when your having fun.


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  1. Ha! That's cool man. Such a unique hobby you have there. Still would like to get into it one day, but I think I have too many other hobbies keeping me away from it! Nice job putting the time in on those weekend sprints.