Friday, February 3, 2012

The Shooting Bench

My Dad taught me to shoot with a .22 Ruger pistol. I make sure to show my son the fun that can had with firearms in a safe environment.  Today it was warm enough to be outside without gloves so we headed out to the sportsman's club for some target practice.  Wyatt is not new to shooting he's a regular dead-eye but today he is sighting in a new .22 Marlin bolt action for the first time.

After a verification of the iron sights Wyatt is going to mount his own bases and fixed 4X  scope.  Following are two photographs of Wyatt's targets documenting the "out of the box accuracy" of the American made Model 925R Marlin.  Remember the rifleman is 10 years old. 

The other day along with some old papers I found a paper target.  23 years ago I fired the M-16 rifle for the first time.  In the Air Force we worry about the aircraft not playing Army so we only had an afternoon to qualify and earn our marksmanship ribbon.  After a hundred rounds or so to familiarize ourselves with the weapon and with help from the range official sighting in if required we were given enough ammo for two 20 round magazines to qualify for marksman.

We didn't touch the sights on that well worn black rifle and shooting left handed I believe accounts for the left side grouping.   If you noticed in the picture of Wyatt sighting downrange there is two targets side by side. Yes I did some shooting today too but I was a bit closer to the paper and using a 3-1/2 inch barrel.  


  1. Very nice. I did the same with my boys. Last year I did my RSO certification and I'm looking to do complete an Instructor course this year.

    Shooting is a great way to teach kids discipline and attention to detail. Looks like a fun day!

  2. Don't you know you're practically making him into a criminal. Or so the fanatics would have us believe. I'm 62 now and some of the best times dad and I ever had were at a shooting range tearing up some paper with a couple of little 22 cal bolt actions. It is something fast disappearing in Canada now and more's the pity. Like most shooters I have never in my life needed to point a gun at another person let alone actually use it but don't try to tell the non shooters that. I wish I still had the eyes to get that kind of target. What distance was your boy shooting.

  3. A friend & I took his grandson and my brother's oldest grandson out to some acerage where my friend trains his hunting dogs. We had a chance to do some target practice. It was the 1st time my nephew had ever shot a shotgun. He used his great-grandfather's Ranger .410 (my father's 1st gun given to him by his father when he was 8 years old). We had a great time & intend to do more shooting in the future. (I need the practice.)

  4. Looks like fun. My dad and I spent a lot of time at the range when I was a kid; those were good times. Nice shooting by both of you! And that little bi-pod looks really handy. Your pistol is really sweet looking - Let's get some video up on your blog of some speed double-tapping!

  5. Thanks Nate. Congrats on RSO! I notice you go above and beyond when it comes to teaching people.

    Bandobras -I hear you. I thought I should use my platform to advocate for the recreational uses of firearms. I'm dissapointed in what a hear about gun laws in Canada. With all those forests and mountains and big flat tundras up there I would think firearms should be as common as ice-scrapers. I have a self imposed "no politics as blogpost" policy but unfortunately gun talk in public forums always seem to go that direction. But because firearms are a hobby I've enjoyed for many years I think they will continue to be subject on these pages. You are right about the fanatics. I just don't get it. I feel much safer making that late night stop for gas knowing the guy at the next pump could be a concealed carry permit holder with the tools and training to prevent or bring to an end a violent crime in proggress. I don't carry -thats an awesome responsibility and I have plenty other things to worry about. I do however strongly belive someone should have the right if they so chose. The range distance was about 25 yards.

    Chuck -I love the tradition of arms staying in the family. Many of my friends and family have been lifelong shooters, hunters and even fisherman. I still have the .410 singleshot my dad gave me that was his dad's.

    Thanks guys for your interest and stories.

  6. phattire -The Harris Bipod is great. We both have them on our rimfire rifles. The legs are adjustible for length and fold up forward along the barrel. This was the first time I've shot .45 acp let alone from a pistol with a short barrel. So I've not advanced up to the doubletap on this one yet. The pistol is a thumper. The Blazer rounds I shot felt similar to .44 mag target loads I reload myself with a reduced charge to lesson the kick. Yea I know I need to learn to edit video -I'm just too lazy.

  7. Great post. I can't wait to have time to hit the range again.

  8. Thanks Frank, Yes my son and I plan to get out more often this season so that should generate some more blog material. Stay tuned.

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