Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ski Report

Friday into Saturday four inches of new snow fell.  Temperatures dropped into the teens and the wind blew during the daylight hours.  Around sundown Saturday evening the family and I arrived at the local hill for some night skiing.  Luckily what little loose snow that was to be found wasn't clumpy at all because of the colder temperatures.  Lift lines amounted to one or two chairs so we spent 3 solid hours going up and down.  Wyatt is doing great on skis and now his speed has raised mom's anxiety level a notch or two.
Sunday afternoon I stayed close to home and went out to try some cross country skiing.  While an inch or two of snow on the surface is all that's needed for cross country the problem is the ground is not frozen and the result is wet snow that just sticks to the bottom of the ski as soon as forward motion ceases.  To say its been a mild winter is the understatement of the year.  This was my first attempt at cross country this year and after a disappointing 3/4 miles I gave up and headed home.  I'm not putting my gear away just yet though.  Heavy snowstorms aren't uncommon through the month of March so there is still a chance for some good flat ground skiing here in Ohio.

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