Monday, February 27, 2012

Recumbent Ride - Short Loop

Sunday afternoon I got out for a hour on the recumbent and it felt great.  I like to mix things up with skiing and hiking and indoor workouts in the off season but I'm a cyclist at heart.  All the warm weather we've had recently has urged me back onto two wheels.  I have not thought much about big rides this season but now is the time to start laying on the base miles. 

Other than my short commutes to work this is the first I've been out on my bike for an extended ride.  One thing I noticed right away because of the mild winter there is a lot less of that pesky fine gravel spread on the roadways as a traction aid for car tires.  Usually the sandy residue hangs around on intersections and road shoulders until the showers of spring finally wash it all away.  It's the bane of two wheeled travel in the north but I'm happy to report that the roads in my area are in pretty good shape for February.

The purpose of the ride other than just enjoying the sunshine and temperatures in the mid-forties was to feel out my fitness level after not doing much lately.  While I tried to take it easy the ever present winds that blow across the flats helped to keep my pulse rate up and my overall velocity down.  In all a positive experience and I am happy to be getting a bit earlier start than normal to this riding season.

Local Loop (short)
Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine GTe
Distance:  14.17 Miles
Ride Time:  1:09
Average Speed:  12.2 MPH
Max Speed:  25.9 MPH


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  1. Awesome, the warm weather got me out barefoot running too. Waiting for summer.