Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Ski Trip

For weeks now we kept pushing back the date of our family ski trip in the hopes that winter might make a late appearance here in the Eastern U.S.  Because gambling on snow conditions is quite a trial this winter we decided to return to a ski hill we were familiar with.  LeeAnn and I first skied at Seven Springs last year.  I took a few good pictures then in the Allegheny mountains of Western PA and posted them to this blog.  This year we took Wyatt with us and had a great time skiing together as a family.

Of course we took a bunch of photos and it was tough to narrow it down to just a few.  Monday was another perfect day with a clear blue skies.
On the mountain top we met this cool skiing bird.  He's from Pittsburgh.

This picture by LeeAnn shows the reservoir at the summit that holds water for the snow making machines. 

The North Face of the resort is only accesible by riding the chair lift up from the ski lodge and dropping in on this side of the moutain.  The area has longer runs and is our favorite.

I really like the above photographs.  The skiers remind me of the little little green army men I was discussing the other day.  I suppose I would be remiss if I didn't report something on the snow conditions we encountered.  Sugar.  Lighter and a bit forgiving early in the morning but heavy and sluggish later in the day as the sun warmed temperatures into the 30's.  After a break for some rest and dinner Wyatt and I headed back out for some night skiing and found the sugar had loosened back up and was again fun to ride.  You'll not hear a complaint from me at all.  I'm just happy to have a chance to carve a few turns, breath the fresh air and get a sunburn in February.

The part I liked best about this trip is after the math is done the fine dining and room with a view are on the house with the purchase of lift tickets for three people for three days.

Late afternoon view from the sixth floor.

 On the last morning of our stay we rode a short lift that ran through the village at the summit.  The trail led us down between the condos passing under a couple short concrete tunnels.


  1. I'm a little jealous. There was no snow here in California for our Christmas vacation, so our family is hopeful that the current snow will stay through Easter.

  2. Nate this weather is nuts! 51 degrees and sunny today. But at least we got to ski some. I didn't put the skis away yet (wishful thinking)but I'm starting to wonder if we've seen the last.