Sunday, February 26, 2012

Picture of the Day -- Insulators

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  1. Hello Mike,

    While walking downtown a few weeks ago, I saw an assortment of insulators which had been placed on top of small wooden posts. (the tops had been cut and trimmed to fit the insulators). A 110v wire had been threaded up through the bottom of the posts (about 8 inches long) and a small light installed on the end. Perfect "night lights" and very unique!

  2. Hi John, That sounds like a cool way to use some old insulators. I have a few common green ones topping the fence posts between me and the neighbor but no lights. They glow nice in the middle of a sunny day.

    If I lived in the country and had a bunch of space I'd build a large loop antenna for the low bands and string it on antique insulators.

  3. Good idea....and a work of art! I really like "customized" things of any sort. As an example, take a look at "Dave's Crystal Radios" from the link on my blog page. There's some beautiful stuff there. Perhaps only in the eyes of a radio person, but to me, still a work of art.

    One of these days, I've got to start building some simple things. Puzzling; but since I retired from the paint company, I'm busier than ever...

    Those five grand kids, two cats, and now a new dog keep me jumping.

  4. Yes I love looking at the 1930's style homebrew rigs built on open wooden racks with tubes and copper coils and stuff. Some of those guys do a incredible job and the results are truly pieces of art.

    Soon it will be warm enough to get out to my garage/workshop so looking forward to starting some projects.