Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Road Bike Ride

Today the temperature hit 66 degrees F!  For the last day of February in Ohio I'll take it!  After work I pumped up the tires of my road bike and headed north on an out and back three sided loop.  The Motobecane felt fast and smooth as usual. 

My Sportsman's Club is located along the route 7.6 miles from my driveway. 

My ride took me across the Sandusky River which has swollen it's banks.  The field in the background is the flood plain.  The surrounding country is up another 30 feet and generally safe from flooding.


I found another one-room school house on this ride.  It looks like the township has preserved the old structure and turned it into a part of it's annex.  Many township halls in rural areas are used for not only official business but receptions and other events providing a gathering place for the local populace.  I can't think of a neater place to have a meeting but in an old late 1800's school house.  Good Job Sandusky Township!


North Loop
Bike:  Motobecane Le Champion
Distance:  22.6 Miles
Ride Time:  1:28:28
Average Speed:  15.3 MPH


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  2. Love that fist picture of the gnarly branches! Glad you got out on the road bike while the weather was primo. I've been putting my skinny-tired bike to use as well. Can't wait for more warm days!

  3. Thanks Mike, Sounds great you've been rolling around your old stomping grounds. Hope to see some shots up soon. Enjoy this weather while you can... Soon 80s and 90s.

  4. I have a real thing for one room school houses. They often look like tiny churches, which in a way, they are. When I win the lotto, which I definitely will, I'll find a schoolhouse in the country to buy and live in.

  5. Cool Rantwick, I like them too. Survivors from a different time and symbols of how far we have come. I see many of them slowly wasting away and that makes me sad. Thats why I was so pleased to find this one being taken care of.