Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recumbent Ride -- B & O Trail

I took a break from the bike for a couple weeks while I was on my archery kick.  I like to mix things up to keep life interesting and to avoid burnout.  But now with days quickly getting shorter and the air crisp and clear I'm drawn back to the bike path like a salmon to the upriver spawning grounds. 

Earlier in the weekend I thought about doing the 50 mile Quarry Loop but after a late night around the campfire and one too many Strongbow Dry Ciders and Padron cigars I woke feeling less than 100%.   Knowing the fresh air would do me good I headed over to the B & O Trail in Richland County and busted out an easy 34 miles.

In the village of Bellville, Ohio I took a small detour off the trail and visited the band shell in the middle of the town. I love the way the afternoon sunshine lit up the stars and stripes.  I climbed a short but steep hill up out of the valley to find a place looking down onto the village but the view above was the best I could manage. I hit 40 miles an hour back down the hill. What a rush!

Back on the trail I past this place "Green Gene Acres". I remember a guy named Mr. Green Jeans and if you're as old as me you might remember him and the other guy he hung out with who was a Captain.

Pretty flowers along the trail

Old Mill, Lexington, Ohio

B & O Trail
Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine
Ride Time:  2:19:57
Distance:  34.19 miles
Average Speed:  14.6 mph
Max Speed:  40.1 mph

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  1. You sure do your part for the Ohio Tourism Board! What a beautiful ride.