Thursday, June 23, 2011

SKCC K3Y 2011 -- Special Event

These images are scans of two QSL cards I received this week confirming contacts I made participating in the SKCC's 5th anniversary special event.  Each January club members from the various U.S. call sign districts (see map below) can volunteer to operate under a special club call sign issued specifically for the month long event.  The object of the K3Y event is to work one unique station from each of the ten call sign districts.

Below are the back sides of the two cards listing the contacts I made and a brief history of the club.  I missed a full sweep of all call sign districts by one QSO.  Had I netted a contact with a California or Alaska K3Y station I could have received a certificate for my accomplishment.  I remember hearing a K3Y/6 calling from California and tried to reach him but evidently my signal was not reaching his antenna.  I'll look to nail it down next January and maybe consider even applying to operate as a special event station myself.

The design for the front of the QSL card is chosen by vote from examples submitted by club members.  This year's card featuring an old school drafting style drawing of the NT9K club key is my favorite and was the design I voted for.  My NT9K Pro Pump is the key I rendered in black and white and use as the header photo for many of my amateur radio posts. 

(Map attributed to Chris Ruvolo, Wikimedia Commons)