Thursday, June 30, 2011

W3AO Field Day

Par End Fedz EF-40 at W8BAE
 Late Sunday morning I threw in the towel satisfied with my 102 contacts on CW for Field Day.  The very last entry in my log was amateur radio station W3AO operated by the Potomac Valley Radio Club located in Maryland.  What threw me for a loop was the part of the exchange that designates the station class.  I had to monitor the frequency and let W3AO run a couple stations to be sure I copied the "25 A" correctly.

The 25 is the number of individual operating positions working simultaneously under the club call sign.  The A designates a portable operation.  Most stations I worked during the Field Day event ranged between 1 and 8 participants under the same call.

Thanks to Jeff, KE9V at for posting a link to this club's Field Day page.  I thought the call seemed vaguely familiar and certainly the "25 A" rang a bell.  I checked my log and sure enough that was the station I worked.

Follow the link: W3AO Field Day Page to see a truly amazing display of logistics and good old ham radio enthusiasm.

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