Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Commuter

Front Row Parking

My Friday trip to work was extra comfortable thanks to my fully suspended recumbent bicycle.  Railroad tracks, crumbling pavement and other surface irregularities are a non-issue on this bike.  With the factory rack and a set of under seat panniers the Street Machine would be the ideal commuter.  As it is I have room for lunch and the mail in seat bag so I get along fairly well.

Today's ride both to and from work were trouble free and enjoyable as usual.  Two hours of steady rain around midday had me ordering in for lunch instead of the quick jaunt across town for chow that I was looking forward to.  In the event I am caught out in a shower the bike's fat main tube acts as a giant fender catching all the spray from the front tire.  At least this keeps the gritty stuff out of my face.  The shape and position of the seat catch a majority of the water thrown off by the rear.  If the recumbent was my only bike or I was a serious tourist I probably would have fenders installed.

On the afternoon trip home I took the long way and added a few miles to enjoy the sun before the next onslaught of thunderstorms.      

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