Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturday our goal was to meet some friends in Ohio's capital city and attend the Columbus Arts Festival.  
We met at our predetermined location for drinks and snacks.  Afterwards we set out on foot to the arts festival but never got more than a couple blocks from our car.  Luckily when the storm hit we were able to seek refuge under the overhang of a parking garage.  Thunder crashed and echoed through the downtown streets and half inch hail rained down at our feet.  The link above shows pictures of the extensive damage at the festival sight.

My pictures are of the retreating storm from the ninth floor parking garage where we left our vehicles.  
The classy looking structure in the photographs is the LeVeque Tower.  Being a country boy skyscrapers are not something I've thought much about.  When I look at the Columbus skyline it's the art-deco style of this building that always catches my eye.  


  1. My sympathy to all the exhibitors...that's a terrible way to spend a day.

  2. Great building. Definitely adds a touch of class to the skyline!