Sunday, June 12, 2011

Insulator Post -- Bridge Standoffs

Wyatt gets the credit for spotting a couple small chunks of green glass remnants from the age of telegraphy as we were traveling by car through Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  Luckily there was convenient parking so we could stop and get a closer look. 

The bridge was posted off limits but from the grassy bank we could get close enough to see the last two insulators left on the old four arm stand off.  Probably the ubiquitous Hemingray-42 so common to my neck of the woods.  Be sure to enlarge the photograph.  The broken insulator on the left still has a length of copper and the tie wire attached.  The water below is the Kokosing river passing just south of the downtown area.



  1. you need to design (something portable) that can acquire these small pieces of history ;-)

  2. Hey Chafe,
    Capturing the little guys with my camera and posting them on my blog is good enough for me. Sure I enjoy my collection at home and like posting those insulators here but I also think it's great to have the opportunity to document glass insulators in their natural state and then leave them for other historians to enjoy.

    Did you see this post from last year? I found this line not far from where I live and had a blast photographing them.

    I've got my eye on some old poles in the woods that one day will rot and fall and when they do I'll be there to pick the glass from them. To be honest I am really selective about the insulators I bring home. They are heavy and take up space. A collection can get out of hand real fast.