Monday, April 25, 2011

Shop Notes

Days of rain on end have kept me indoors but not idle.  Now that the temperatures are warmer I can tend to the routine bike maintenance that always seems to be waiting when one operates a small fleet of bicycles.  The photo shows my small workspace adjacent one wall of the garage.

In this picture I am removing the drive side crank from a square taper bottom bracket.  The bike is a made in USA Trek 850 steel mountain bike.  It was my wife's first ATB purchased new in 1993. 

 I think I have mentioned before on my blog before that I love machines.  Bicycles are amazing machines that I have enjoyed tinkering with since I was a kid.  Over the years I have learned much about the fine art of keeping a bicycle in good working order.  For me the small projects are a welcome distraction from fast paced daily life and the modern computerized world we live in.  Long ago are the days of busted knuckles and although I still suffer the occasional vanishing washer a little shop time is good time. 

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