Monday, April 4, 2011

Stormy Monday


  1. Thanks Nate. They slowly worked their charms on my wife and now they stay out all the time. Fun and challenging to shoot them with the camera.

  2. Have you ever tried to shoot any HDR images of the insulators? I wonder how they would come out.

  3. Interesting question Nate. I had to read up on High Dynamic-Range Imaging. I'm guessing that HDR would capture the most accurate representation of the color of the insulators. HDR rendering would probably work great for the shots I do of single insulators placed on the white photo sweep.

    By having these insulators displayed in the open I have noticed that the tonal qualities of the glass is always changing due to the ambient lighting conditions at various times of the day and cloudy or sunny etc. The weather when I took the shot for this post was during the thunderstorms. The light looks bright coming in the window almost sunny but it was really pretty dim. I never use the flash and I think I got a pretty accurate image.

    I'm woefully inadequate when it comes to knowing the settings and features of my camera (Canon PowerShot SD1400). I would love to learn more but just don't have the time to experiment. 98% of the pictures in my blog I have uploaded straight from the memory card. My wife uses photoshop and it is amazing but my personal philosophy is to capture the image and if it isn't perfect to my taste its deleted and I retake the shot on the spot.

    Because of your comment I was interested to learn about manual tone mapping back in the old days, especially the "dodge and burn" technique used by Ansel Adams on many of his photographs. I always wondered how he got such bold and vivid images in black and white.

    I will have to poke around in our version of photoshop and see what HDR capabilities it has.