Saturday, April 9, 2011

Insulator Post -- CD160 CALIFORNIA

I noticed this baby signal on eBay. After an auction with no bidders the insulator was re-listed with a make an offer option.  I could wait no longer as I have a soft spot for the little California insulators.
The unique feature of this particular insulator that caught my eye was the manufacturing flaw in the base visible in the second photograph.  Its awesome how the glass dried in it's molten shape.  Apparently not enough material was placed in the mold and the pressing came out just short of complete.

For these images I set up on the patio under high thin clouds. This might be my favorite condition for recording the pale tones of the glass.  Except for the darker more opaque colors I think full and direct sunlight can overpower the lighter pastels.  I enjoy the experimentation of photographing my collection.  The challenge is to reproduce the color as closely as possible into the raw image at the camera without using digital enhancements further down the production chain. 

The new baby signal beside a very similar colored CD160 CALIFORNIA from my collection.


  1. Try and find an aqua one. I purchased an aqua one many years ago and sent it back to the seller because it had one tiny flaw in it. That was STUPID of me because as it turns out now, they are very RARE in aqua. Live and learn.

  2. BMS Yes it's funny how the aqua is the uncommon and valuable color in Californias and the purples are a dime a dozen. The other companies made gobs of aqua colored insulators but evidently CGI Co. did not making them harder to find. Especially true with the baby signals.