Thursday, April 28, 2011

Test Ride #1


The ride is very smooth.  Just the ticket for the aging pavement found on roadways near me.  The best way I can describe the ride quality of a titanium frame is to think in terms of a comparison.  Cyclists will know what sensation I am talking about.  Older asphalt road surfaces that appear lighter gray as they age also become rougher.  The tar is worn away or recedes leaving the limestone aggregate exposed creating a bumpy texture.  In a car this surface is completely imperceptible but rolling on a rigid metal frame a bike literally buzzes with vibrations from rougher pavement. 

Most road going cyclists have probably at some time come across a stretch of freshly completed high way.  The pavement is solid black and smooth.  The smoothness is instantly noticeable as you cross over onto the new asphalt surface from the older weathered roadway.  That soft fluid feel is the ride quality a titanium frame yields regardless of the condition of the road surface.  After a couple hours in the saddle traveling rural county roads is when it really pays off.   


  1. Only a biker can understand why a dog sticks his head out of car window. Nice post and understand every word.

  2. I'm with you buddy. Nice lookin' machine!