Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recumbent Ride -- A Short Loop

It looked like we might be spared rain so I took off on a short loop with my camera and a bottle of water this Saturday afternoon.  A steady westerly wind was blowing as it always does this time of year so I struck out in that direction.  The skies were gray and forlorn with only an occasional break in the clouds to let out a peek of sunshine.

Often when it is cold and windy in the early season I look out the window and try to talk myself out of going for a ride.  Later out on the road, warmed up and cruising under my own power I am once again reminded that no matter what the conditions, a bike ride never fails to lift the spirit.

I noticed this old cemetery just a few miles outside of town so I stopped to check it out.  There was some very old graves in the little plot.  It is thought provoking to say the least reading the names and dates carved into stone now weathered and faded.

I stopped and walked some field edges where the recent rains had eroded the bare soil exposing lots of rocks.  I didn't find any Indian arrowheads but I did find an excellent fossil. 

The Brachiopod was a marine animal similar to a clam in appearance that existed 248 to 543 million years ago during the Paleozoic Era.  This type of fossil is plentiful in Ohio as the region was the bottom of a vast sea in prehistoric times. 

Short Loop Stats

Ride Time:  1:18
Distance:  15.87 Miles
Average Speed:  12 mph
Max Speed:  26.8 mph


  1. Your recumbent tours really are making me jealous of those who live in Ohio.

  2. Nice to see that there are people who ride for fun and are willing to stop to enjoy things.