Friday, February 8, 2013

Shop Notes -- Woodworking

Before sub-freezing temperatures returned to the Ohio Valley I managed to complete the machining work on the replacement windowsill for my kitchen.  I got a brand new blade for my garage sale band saw and now cuts are true and precise. The shot above shows the shows the blade's path straight down the line.  These cuts out on the end of the board can't be done on the table saw without a special jig so with a slow and steady feed rate provided by me the band saw works great.

Any slight irregularities are quickly cleaned up with a file.

Oak is a very hard wood so a keen edge on all cutting tools is essential for clean accurate cuts without burns or grain tear out.  

Back to the table saw to make two more cuts that remove stock from the bottom inside edge of the sill.  This hollows out a straight section that will rest on the window framing and lock it into place horizontally. 

Putting a small radius on all the exposed edges of the sill was my favorite part of this project.  I do the work by hand using files, sanding block and various grades of abrasive paper. After lightly sanding the remaining surfaces I applied the first coat of polyurethane. At this point I'm just waiting for a break in the weather so I can heat up the workshop enough to continue on with the clear coating.

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