Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recumbent Ride -- North Loop

Today I got out for a couple hours on the recumbent for a ride.  It was only 30 degrees F but the sun was shining in a pale blue sky and there was no breeze to speak of so conditions were ideal.  The only way to tell that the air was moving at all was to observe wood smoke as it rose from the chimneys of rural homes and slowly drifted to the south.

The route is a long skinny loop that takes me 12 miles north through the quiet countryside of North Central Ohio.  Other than a couple small hills in and out the Sandusky River flood plain it's pretty much just flat and open country.

I spotted this sign along the north end of my loop. When I got home I looked it up online and learned the purpose of this conservation program whose aim is to reduce sediment pollution into Lake Erie and it's watershed.

North Loop
Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine
Distance:  24 miles
Ride Time:  1:52
Average Speed:  12.85 mph


  1. That looked kinda perfect... although 'bents still sorta freak me out. Still haven't tried one.

    1. Give it a try if you get a chance. Bents are great on the open road. Some people ride in the city but I prefer an upright bike for that. Being a fan of all bicycles I couldn't see not owning and riding at least one. The mountain bike will always be my favorite but I'll be riding bent till I'm old and gray.