Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lyon's Falls

 Today I met a friend at Mohican State Park for a winter hike.  Our destination was a place called Lyon's Falls.  Really the falls are just a small trickle of water that drops over the lip of a sandstone overhang but in winter the water freezes and we were treated to this amazing natural ice sculpture.

Just a ways down the trail was Little Lyon's fall. Every bit as interesting as the first.  The ice adds a stark contrast to the weathered sandstone and provides a wonderful subject for my lens.


  1. Mike: Looks like a ton of fun! Looking at the photos I can almost hear the sounds of echoing, cavernous droplets hitting the ground. Bet it was a great day!

  2. Hey thanks guys! I thought we might find an icy surprise here in the park and we weren't disappointed. Lots of snow and recent rains have the ground saturated so plenty of runoff in action.