Friday, January 27, 2012

War is Hell Boys!

I was checking out the blog of my friend phattire who was reminiscing about those little green army men we all played with as kids.  His macro version of Hamburger Hill reminded me of some fun my son and I had with a few of his green soldiers last summer.  We didn't tell these troops they were expendible but did hint around that the action might get a bit hot.

The brave souls held their line and army man shape for a suprisingly long time before transforming into gooey lumps.  Getting these macro shots from only five or six inches away was nearly too close for comfort.


  1. haha! Awesome! When I was a kid I used to hold a match to their heads until they'd melt into round globs. That way I'd have some "aliens" to fight against instead of just all US Army guys :] The last bag of army guys I picked up at the dollar store didn't have any of the crawling guys; which were always my favorite because you could snag them in drapes and it looked like they were climbing. Good times!

  2. Very fun and creative! Nicely done.