Tuesday, January 10, 2012

News from A.R.S. W8MDE

Vibroplex Original Standard Bug

I've spent the last few weeks fairly radio-active putting the new Vibroplex Vibrocube through it's paces. Well at least all the pace my 16 - 18 word per minute CW skills allow.   With work and chores around the house to share in I don't have much extra time to devote to amateur radio but I steal away for some on air fun whenever possible.  

Saturday morning while tuning the bands I came upon a special event station in Iowa working CW.  I made contact and got him in the log.  My QSL card is in route as I type this and I'll post the details once I receive the special event card in return.

Later that evening at 00:01UTC the Straight Key Century Club monthly Week End Sprint got underway and I settled in to make some contacts using my straight keys and Vibroplex Original bug.  I worked my way down from 20 meters (14 MHz) through 40 (7 MHz) and finally late at night I bounced back and forth between 40 and 80 meters (3.5 MHz).  I enjoy the SKCC sprints.  For one thing the code speeds range from a slow 10 wpm to a blistering 20 wpm at the most.  I alternate between the bug and straight key depending on the speed of the other operator.  As I have said before what makes the WES stand out among operating events is the spirit of camaraderie evident in the friendly and relaxed exchanges between members.

SKCC January 2012 Week End Sprint Log W8MDE

14.053    K7VMK    Washington State
7.118     K1LEE    Connecticut
7.117     WA1VIL    Massachusetts
7.111     N6CMF    California
7.109     K3Y/4    Alabama
3.550     W3NP    West Virginia
3.554     K1LEE    Connecticut*
3.550     K3Y/9    Wisconsin
3.551     N3GJ    Pennsylvania
3.556     WA1VIL    Massachusetts*
3.549     K4BAI    Georgia
3.546     N3JJT    Ohio
3.550     KI0I    Missouri
7.115     F6HKA  France
3.550     AA2FD    Virginia
7.116     W7GVE    Arizona
7.118     KE4WKH    Alabama
7.123     F5JWH    France
7.116     KD5JHE    Mississippi
14.059    K3Y/0    Minnesota
14.053    K3Y/1    Massachusetts
7.120     K8JD    Michigan
7.117     K4CML    Virginia
7.112     N9OL/qrp    Indiana
7.114     W9HLY    Indiana
7.116     WB8YXF    Virginia
7.116     WD9DWE    Indiana
7.114     NG1O    Missouri
3.550     WB8YXF    Virginia*
3.552     NW2K    New York
7.114     K4AOA    North Carolina

*Worked station on 2 different bands

It's January and for the SKCC that means time for the month long K3Y 6th Anniversary Special Event.  As noted above in my sprint log I have four K3Y stations and last night I worked a K3Y/3 in Pennsylvania bringing my total to five.

K3Y/4    Alabama
K3Y/9    Wisconsin
K3Y/0    Minnesota
K3Y/1    Massachusetts
K3Y/3    Pennsylvania

Last year I posted the details of this interesting operating event here.

Until next time 73, from W8MDE... Over and out!

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  1. Nice contacts...worked the WV station this afternoon (K3Y/8) and heard the F6 station yesterday too. Couldn't work him, but it was fun listening. You do very well on 40 meters.