Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Kenwood HF/6m Transceiver

Up until this weekend I have made only one Single Sideband contact in my nearly two years as a radio amateur.  If you have read any of my previous ham radio related posts you know I am a CW fan and other than a little digital operation now and then I run a Morse Code exclusive station.

At Field Day this year I had the opportunity to listen to the audio of two different Kenwood rigs.  One of them newer and one older but both being solid state.  What struck me right away was how clear and smooth the sideband audio was from both of these rigs.

I did notice this new Kenwood transceiver when the first pictures surfaced on the web and I do like the straightforward styling.  Other than realizing that a new offering from Kenwood in the amateur market is good for many reasons I did not give it much more thought.  I need a new HF radio like I need a hole in my head!  Now after my field day observations concerning Kenwood audio quality I think this might just be my new dream rig.  I have also become a fan of 6 meters and alas my Icom 718 does not have 6 meter capability.  The new Kenwood does have 6 meters.

I am looking forward to hearing what other hams have to say about this radio once they become available and are put to use on the ham bands.


  1. I have my eye on this Kenwood, too. The only think I'm not liking so far is the $1,800 price tag.

  2. Yes thats a lot of clams. I've got a 40 year old furnace that needs replaced before winter so at this point a new rig will remain as I stated- just a dream.

  3. I qualify as an "OLDER" ham, however I have no radios...as yet. But I have been eying Kenwood too. I agree with WAiK, the $1800 price tag gets in the way. And a Dodge Van that needs some work...and the deductible for repairs to our Kitchen. Talk about INTERFERENCE.