Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's that time of the year again.

Always one for an engineering challenge here is a system I devised to attach a security fence to the top of the swimming pool.  The main motivation for this project was to avoid the expense of a perimeter fence around the backyard for a pool only used a few months during the summer.  I brainstormed for a couple days about materials.  I knew I would use plastic latticework for it's flexibility and water resistance.  The missing piece of my puzzle was what to use for the vertical supports to hang the lattice from.

Finally while walking the isles in the plumbing department I found convenient pre-cut two foot pieces of schedule 40 white PVC.  I built a wooden jig attached to the drill press table and used a hole saw to cut a C shaped notch in the bottom end of each support.  The hole saw cut created a saddle that with the help of a stainless steel clamp mates the PVC securely to the pool's upper perimeter pipe.  I drilled two holes at the top of each PVC pipe to attach heavy white cable ties which are used exclusively to attach the lattice work to the vertical supports and top perimeter tubes.  A small door section once hung over the ladder opening and locked in place completes the circle providing the rigidity needed to prevent accidental or unauthorized entry. 


  1. Years ago I had a pool very similar in a house we rented in Phoenix. It did not have the security fence on the top. I never even thought about it. It was there when we moved in and I never did a thing with it. That is until some one from the city came by and said if I didn't drain and replace the water....that was almost black by that point....I would be spending time in one of their facilities. I drained it dry, and never heard from them again.

  2. Yes Pools are labor intensive. Lucky for me I put it up and she runs the chemistry and filters etc. I just enjoy it. Sad story a couple of years ago two children drowned in a swimming pool. So our city is proactive on enforcement. As a parent I agree. On my bike rides commuting to work I have seen pools in the open with no fence. Unfortunately as time passes the enforcement becomes lax as people forget passed tragedies. Ever since my air force days I am always thinking safety.

    During Summer in Ohio the humidity and temperature rises and the only nice spot is in the pool.

  3. What types of locks did you use for the gate door? Can you show a picture of what it looks like with a door?