Saturday, June 5, 2010

Insulator Post - - Garage sale find!

My sister spotted these insulators at a garage sale on Friday.  Wyatt and I went back this morning to check them out.  Some nice old Hemingray pieces.  Big lot of Hemi-42s nearly all perfect.  Even a clear Mickey, but it's got a big chip on one ear.  A few designs I did not have in my collection.

In the closeups are some early Hemingray embossings.  You can tell the text was hand carved into the mold.  A great Brookie, too bad a big chip in the skirt.  Still a lot of character even got the coal smoke stains from the steam engines.  And lastly bubbles right by the Hemingray emboss.  That's how I tell that one is old.  Some neat history and a little fun for a dollar a piece.


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