Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cool Bicycle Art

Many years ago my mother started a tradition at Christmas of giving a Christmas tree ornament to myself and my sister as a stocking stuffer.  A few years back I began a similar thing when I started collecting bicycle themed ornaments to decorate my tree.  Always clever and thoughtful and knowing I'm a bike nut my mom gifted me this box of long stemmed matches.  She transformed the box into an ornament by attaching one of those little metal hooks to one end.

Of course the best part is the old-timey bicycles on the front and back of the box.  Even a tandem!  So with this post I'll kill two birds;  Display some very cool bicycle art, wish a Merry Christmas and hope that you all enjoy your holiday traditions whatever they may be.

"Keep Calm And Pedal On"

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  1. I'm glad the candles mounted on trees days are over! All the best to you and yours, man.