Saturday, June 30, 2012

Storm Damage

Late Friday afternoon a severe storm blew through North-Central Ohio.  High winds brought down trees which in turn knocked out power service.  Our electricity was out for six hours and aside from a few smaller branches down in the backyard we made it through ok.  This morning after breakfast I took a tour of the city on my recumbent bike and documented some of the damage.

Damage was not just limited to trees.  Here the metal top cap was torn loose and masonry damaged on this industrial building.  Windspeed reports during the storm vary from 50- 70 mph.


  1. Hello Mike,

    Sorry to see the damage but glad you escaped intact. Our area in Charleston is very similar but thousands without electric today. I'm OK but it looks like it may be a week before things are back to normal.

    I hope the triple digit heat doesn't produce a twin this's really bad here.

    1. Hi John, I saw your post this morning on the damage there in Charleston. Wow! quite a system to work over the Eastern US like it has. And the heat certainly doesn't make the cleanup any easier. In the upper 90's again this afternoon here.

      Stay safe!

  2. The owner of that house for sale has been lucky the tree didn't fall to the other side...