Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recumbent Ride -- B & O Trail

Last Friday I picked up an inexpensive rear-view mirror for Wyatt's bike.  I liked it so much I went back and spent another $4.99 and got one for the recumbent.  I normally rely on my helmet mirror but there are instances when I choose not to wear a helmet and because it is nearly impossible to twist my neck around while reclined on the bike a mirror of some sort is essential.  The mirror, made by the helmet company Bell has a flexible stem and tool-less mounting clamp make set up a breeze.  I leave the clamp snug yet still loose enough to spin around the handlebar for when I lean the bike up on the left side or in the event of a spill.  The mirror is a convex type and provides a wide angle view however the saying: "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" does apply.  The mirror works especially well at night detecting car headlights approaching from the rear.  The lens is most likely made from a metalized plastic and does not possess the greatest clarity but for five dollars it serves it's purpose.

On Saturday after completing my chores I packed up and drove to the B & O Trail in Richland County and enjoyed a pleasant late afternoon cruise.  I've noticed during the past month on my rides an abundance of wildlife.  Rabbits, chipmunks and woodchuck populations are booming. My wife and I even saw a mink from the motorcycle a couple weeks ago.  Could it be the mild winter we had?  As I made my way down the bike trail I spotted this turtle crossing the path.  He was taking his good sweet time and I left him to his own devices not fearing for his general safety on the bike trail.  When I encounter turtles on the road I usually stop and help them across before they become a speed bump for passing autos.

Nothing else really noteworthy to report just a peaceful and relaxing couple of hours aboard the recumbent.  Excellent medicine for body and soul. 

B & O Trail

Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine
Ride Time:  2:18
Distance:  30.07 miles
Average Speed:  12.9 mph
Max Speed:  20.0 mph
Odometer:  2332.7 miles


  1. I haven't taken a nice relaxing recreational ride in like, forever. You've got me jonesing for one now.

  2. You sure have some great places to ride there!

  3. I use a mirror on my really is a useful but often overlooked accessory...


  4. I've tried many different mirrors during decades of commuting, mostly on road bikes but now (4 years) on a SWB Barcroft. The only one worth any money at all is the Mirrycle mirror - extremely durable. Tougher to set up but well worth it - I am convinced I have saved my life more than once with it. Not sure how it could attach to your style of bike though.

    1. I agree Dave about the mirrycle, I've used them in the past. I've been using a helmet mirror for a couple years on my recumbent and like it the best. I've been wanting to mount a mirror on the bike for a while because I don't always ride with my helmet but feel completely naked without the helmet mirror. On my upright bikes it's not such a big issue. I like the helmet mirror if I remember it but if not I get by ok with a quick glance over the shoulder.