Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norah Jones

Earlier this year I picked up Norah Jones' new CD "Little Broken Hearts".  This record produced by Danger Mouse along with a new band has a bit different sound than her previous work.  The songs are dark and edgy.  Norah definitely pulled up a bucket full of inspiration from the well of break-ups and betrayal and does a great job conveying these raw emotions through her singing and songwriting.

We scored some tickets to the first show of the tour and yesterday made a 300 mile road trip to the great Midwestern city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  My wife and her friend had balcony seats together but they bribed me into being their driver with a single third row center ticket.

Upon arrival in Indy we parked the car and took off on foot.  We enjoyed the bustle of the city as we made our way to a seafood restaurant where we had previously made our reservations.  Obviously Indianapolis is a thousand miles away from the nearest salt water but the food at The Oceanaire Seafood Room was so fresh it seemed like the docks were just down the street.  Highly recommended.

The venue was about a mile walk away and not objectionable in the least after a four hour car ride.

I took 45 pictures from my seat but these four were the only unblurry shots.  There is only so much that can be done with a point and shoot in a darkened theatre.  Still they are neat pictures that capture the visual part of the show and add to the memories of a fun evening.

Here's my favorite shot from after the show:


  1. You lucky bastard! I love Norah Jones! How did you pull off that little photo op?

    1. Pretty cool huh? Sorry Rantwick can't give out all my secrets. :-)

  2. You're a very lucky man....Congratulations Mike!