Friday, May 4, 2012

Shop Notes -- Pit Bull Motorcycle Stand

I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio after work to visit my favorite retail establishment "Iron Pony Motorsports" where I picked up this fine American made product.  I've been looking for a way to quickly and easily hoist up the back end of my Triumph Scrambler.

This type of stand is a common fixture in shops and paddock areas used to hold bikes firmly in an upright position.  Ingenious use of the principle of leverage allows a person to singlehandedly raise the rear end of a motorcycle.  While standing off to the side of the bike I use one hand resting on the seat to balance the cycle while the other slides the stand into position with the rubber pads under each swing arm.  Pushing down on the handle creates a fulcrum and the whole unit locks into place once the handle end of the stand touches the floor.  To lower the bike back to the ground just pull up on the handle.  It's amazing how easy it is and how rock steady it holds the bike when engaged.

The pit bull is well made from steel with good looking welds and nice decals.  The company's motto is "This stand will outlast your bike" and I don't doubt it.

Here's the Pitt Bull in action. Triumph recommends lubing the drive chain every 200 miles.  This stand will make it much easier for me to comply with the schedule.

A purchase of $100 or more scores a free T-shirt at the Iron Pony.  The cool part is they periodically change the design on the shirts.  Lately they have been putting out some great looking prints.

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