Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Ride

Hello Springtime

Today I opted for the road bike. Not as comfortable as the recumbent by any stretch but it does let me ride fast.  A beautiful day for St. Patty's with a warm sun and temperatures in the 70's allowed me to wear just bike shorts and a jersey.  I kept the mileage down on this ride but did put in a solid effort.  I'm happy anytime I keep my average speed above 15.

Local Loop
Bike:  Motobecane Le Champion
Distance:  23.8 Miles
Ride Time:  1:28:58
Average Speed:  16.0 MPH
Max Speed:  27.2 MPH



  1. I'm jealous of your weather. It's been overcast here and has even rained the last couple days.

  2. You have a nice blog, your photos are interesting, makes me want to see more, the text succinct. The only thing and I need to do this too, I would like to see more people in your photos. Great job!

    1. Thanks Spence for the nice comments. Your right people do add an interesting element to a blog but unfortunately I don't run into to many in my daily routine. I'll have to make an effort to seek some out though.

  3. The Motobecane is lookin' good. I'm tempted to get out on my road bike but the mountainbiking has been too much fun lately. Glad you were able to get out and pedaled on St.Patty's day.

    1. Thanks Mike, I've been thinking of getting the Yeti out but still pretty wet and muddy around here. But yes I've been feeling the urge for some knobby tire riding too.