Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Commuting with Wyatt

Here we are on our way to school and work.  The sunny weather continues in Ohio and while it's chilly in the morning the temperature will reach the mid-seventies today.  Wyatt's mom will ride her bike to school this afternoon and they will ride home together.  It's Wednesday and I've already reached my minimum 2 days per week quota of commutes by bicycle.  I love knowing my car is sitting at home in the drive way unmoving just like it's gas gauge. 

Speaking of bicycle commuting yesterday I received my copy of Bike Snob NYC's new book "The Enlightened Cyclist" and was laughing before I even made it through the introduction.  Bike Snob is my favorite bike blogger and writer who lives in Brooklyn and I enjoy his musings on bike riding in the big city.  It's a completely different world from my experiences pedaling in small town middle America.  I downloaded Bike Snob's first book on my Kindle but this time I decided to buy the old-timey paper version.


  1. you guys look good! Yay Wyatt's mom!
    I own book #1 and love it.

  2. Didn't know about his second book. I'm on it like a hobo on a hoagie!