Saturday, March 24, 2012

I rode the Scrambler out to get some lunch and fill up the tank.  The 2.6 gallons of petrol cost me a ten-spot which isn't hateful considering I'll get about 140 miles of fun out of it.  After dinner I took a little spin out into the country.  Always with an eye out for adventure I spotted this double track heading off westward.  I followed this course for about four miles along a set of railroad tracks until I ended up at the next town.  Back on pavement I circled around to a familiar state route and back to home.  What an awesome bike the Scrambler is.

While I'm on the subject check out this video and see what the Scrambler can do in the hands of a capable rider:



  1. I'm glad you said a "capable rider"! What I thought was the coolest was right at the very end where he dropped the stand and got off without missing a beat! COOL!

  2. Thanks. I enjoyed the video. I'm trying to figure out whether I can show this to some of my students who are into riding or if that would just be encouraging negligence.

  3. Hi Sue, Thanks for the comment. I've not popped any wheelies or got any air with my Scrambler but I'm enjoying it for sure. This weather is great for riding. I'm wondering if you and Bob have got your bikes out yet?

    Nate, Yea that's a tough call. I'd share the video it's cool and the first rule of riding is knowing and riding within your limits. Most riders know this.

  4. I really like the ability to ride both city and country routes. Great option and great fun!

  5. Awesome bike and video; I loved the remixed stairway to heaven track too! That guy's got some serious skills. Riding along the tracks must have been a thrill! The Scrambler looks like a great bike. What year is it?

    1. Hi Mike, My Scrambler is a 2012 model. Just got it last November. The Scrambler is one of several variants of the Bonneville in Triumph's "Classics" lineup. They are awesome bikes right up my alley -Fully modern with disc brakes and electronic fuel injection but with tons of badass old school style reminiscent of the 50's -60's parallel British twins.

      I love the ability to do some mild off-roading. Something I've never been able to do with any of my previous roadbikes.

  6. OMG! Do NOT show this to your students. That guy is ca-razy!

    Beautiful sunset shots.