Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st Bike Commute of 2011

With the days growing longer and spring just around the corner I couldn't wait any longer.  Today I rode the Titanium General Purpose Bike to work.  The temperature this morning was a mild a 27 degrees and the streets were dry for the most part.  For this quick shot taken with my cell phone I used the receding glacier in the parking lot as a bike rest. 

Now the temperature is a downright balmy 41 degrees as I get ready to head home.  I just might take the long way. 


  1. Nice bike...single sprocket?

    I get a flat tire every time I ride now. Still lots of "junk" on the edges of the road. I've become quite good at changing them. hihi

  2. Hi John,

    Single 44 Tooth in the front and 9 speed road bike cluster on the back (12t- 25t). This combo works fine for the flats and mild hills around here. I rode it as a single speed for a while with a 16 tooth sprocket in the back. My spin would max out at about 18mph. In order to climb hills a little easier and for general commuting duties I put some gears on it.

    Yes you are correct -Lots of debris still on the roadways. Those tiny gravels and grit that builds up around intersections can be deadly.

    Great to be back out on the two wheels anyway.

  3. Hello Mike,

    Another flat today after only 10 miles. (this is my third) I immediately removed both wheels and took them to the shop with the hopes of a solution. We replaced both the thin rubber shields (around the inside of the rims) with a thicker one made out of a special plastic. Did another 10 miles and was successful.

    My next step is Kevlar tires. Expensive but perhaps the best alternative at around $45 apiece.

    Living in town, I could actually get by without an automobile. We have bus service and I prefer to ride the bike whenever possible. Last year, I put less than 3,000 miles on my car. I'm driving an old '98 Hyundai. Still a little over 62,000 miles for the last 13 years.

    I truly believe the bicycle is one of the worlds greatest inventions. I'm glad to see you riding to work. Great idea.