Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Activity at Amateur Radio Station KD8JHJ

In the period between February 19 and this past Saturday I had been on the air only once and that was to answer a CQ call from my friend Gary in New Jersey.  I was in the other room and I heard his distinctive call sign N2ESE beeping out in Morse code from the shack.
Gary and I have made contact several times on 40 and 80 meters in the two years I have been licensed.  It had been a few months since our last QSO so it was great to catch up.
I made up for my lack of recent activity by making some Q's during the SKCC Week End Sprint held on March 13.  The sunspots have pushed the solar flux readings to the highest levels since 2006.  Enhanced radio propagation brought about by the recent upswing in solar activity has the amateur community buzzing.   I can definitely notice the increased signal strength of stations that I regularly hear and link up with during the monthly sprints.  As usual I made most contacts with the Vibroplex Original bug and a few with the NT9K Pro Pump SKCC Club key.

 March SKCC Week End Sprint

Green-  3.5 MHz  (80 meters)
Blue-  7 MHz  (40 meters)
Red-  14 MHz  (20 meters)

7.053       W3OKC       Pennsylvania
7.058       WA4AN       Tennessee
7.056       N3WT       Maryland
7.051       K8EE       Ohio
7.112       KF7KPL       Utah
7.119       WA2JSG       New Jersey
7.056       K4ZGB       Alabama
7.052       K0LUW       Nebraska
3.550       K8MXC       Michigan
3.551       N8KR       Indiana
3.552       W9HLY       Indiana
3.552       K0LUW       Nebraska
3.553       K8IJ       Kentucky
3.556       K8EE       Ohio
7.114       W4HAY       Tennessee
14.053     W7GVE       Arizona
14.055     F6HKA       France
7.115       WB4QQJ/M  North Carolina
7.104       W9DLN       Wisconsin
7.103       WA0BGV     Missouri
7.114       K2VT       New Jersey
7.115       W3NP       West Virginia
7.057       K4GM       Georgia
7.058       KD2JC       New Jersey

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  1. You really surprised me and I'm almost at a loss for words. But as on "OLD DJ" I am able to find a few.

    Thank you Mike for the Bencher Key. I'm going to work harder and faster on learning code so we can actually communicate on the air.

    Thanks again