Thursday, February 24, 2011

Insulator Post -- CD 122 Hemigray-16

Here is a common Hemingray CD 122 insulator in a more uncommon 7-UP green color.  I purchased this piece at the 2009 Mid Ohio Insulator Show and it remains one of my favorite Hemingray insulators.

Here is another picture of the same insulator in sunlight that really shows off the gorgeous emerald colored glass.

The Hemingray Glass Company (1848-1972) is the most well known and documented glass works that operated in America.  Having made their 1 billionth insulator by 1937 it is truly astounding to ponder the amount of glass produced by this company.  At the bottom of my post are links to several great websites devoted to this iconic glass works.

Nosing about the web I stumbled upon some excellent pictures of a salesman's sample insulator press at  These salesman's samples were miniature versions of real insulators handed out to utility companies as part of the sales pitch by Hemingray.  Even though the press is scaled down I think it is a fair representation of what a full size insulator press would have looked like.

Other Hemingray resources:

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