Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Downhill Skiing with LeeAnn

For Valentine's Day my wife took me on a romantic getaway to Seven Springs in southwest Pennsylvania.  (Yes, she is awesome!)

Although an avid cross country skier I wasn't to sure how I would fare on a real hill.  It's been fifteen years since I went alpine skiing and I am happy to report that it is much like riding a bike.  Within a few minutes I was gracefully carving turns like I had not missed a beat.

We arrived Monday afternoon at the resort to fierce wind and sideways blowing snow.  We made a quick mutual decision to skip the Valentine's dinner and proceeded directly to the lift after renting my equipment.  After a couple hours of night skiing in near blizzard conditions we retired to the lodge and had a well earned meal of gourmet burgers and fries.

Fate smiled upon us and the next day was sunny and perfect.  The air was clear and calm even at the summit 2,994 feet above sea level.  More than once we heard the locals commenting that "It doesn't get any better than this."  I have to agree.

Seven Springs terrain park with insane big air ramps and world class half pipe has been recognized "The Best in the East" by snowboarding publications.  And no, I didn't even think about it.  This is as close as I got and that was only to take the photograph.

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