Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday Ride

I had a couple hours to kill on Saturday afternoon so I grabbed my camera and took off on my road bike.  The first four miles I rode in town using all the stop and go as mini interval training.  Then fully up to operating temperature I headed out of town for an 8 to 10 mile loop at a brisk pace.
The LeMond is perfect for this type of short high intensity workout.
Out in the country I noticed some bare ground that looked undisturbed except for shallow ruts caused by erosion.  The dirt bank was possibly six feet tall and just steep enough to keep vegetation from growing.  As an afterthought I turned around to investigate a portion of the exposed clay.  Many rains had washed away the loose soil and left lots of small stones and rocks visible on the surface.  I do find geology interesting in general but I am no rock hound.  There is one kind of stone I do keep an eye out for while out in the wilds.  I look for flint and in particular triangle shaped pieces.    

I Found this piece of gray flint that is about 2 3/4" inches long, 1/4" thick at the big end and tapers to 3/16" near the tip.  I believe this object is a small prehistoric knife.  Notice along the flat upper edge about mid point are three or four 1/4" scallops lined up uniformly along the edge.  The opposite side of the stone is smooth and was probably the outside of a bigger chunk of flint stone.  Along the edge of the backside are smaller flakes only 1/8" or less creating a serrated cutting surface.  Both the top and bottom edges are similarly fashioned.  The far left is the tang end of the blade and extended further but was broken off at some time.

Being a gadget guy I can't think of much else as awe inspiring as finding these tools of primitive man.  Artifacts crafted by human hands long ago lying lost and forgotten in the dirt for thousands of years only to find their way back to the hand of man on a whim. 


  1. Neat find....trouble with dogs out there?
    Got caught between and rock and a hard spot yesterday. Infection doesn't seem to be a problem but I'm bruised a bit.

  2. I've been lucky this year with only a few chasers. Like you say I try not to get angry at the dogs it's just what they do. The last time I got bit was when I was 14. A german shepard got me right on the thigh. traumatized me good. Now I just yell at them like a mad man and they get the message. If they catch me by suprise and I don't have time to outrun I hop off the bike keeping it between me and the dog. Never had to raise a chainring in anger but I will if need be. Dogs can really sense fear and once I learned to hold my ground they back down and I go on my merry way. The pepper spray works the best. Not a peep out of them and they go right back to the house.

  3. Nice find with the flint there. My wife found a nice piece when we were camping last month. I showed her how to strike it against the back side of my fixed blade hunting knife. "Ugh... fire!"