Monday, September 13, 2010

LeMond Road Bike

After trials, tribulations and three trips to the bike shop I finally got my LeMond road bike back in action.  Installing the new cables was not the problem.  I've been doing my own maintenance for over twenty years and actually I enjoy tinkering with bikes and bike tools.  The problem was not having everything on hand to complete the job.  The last thing I had to do before a test ride was pump up the tires and in my haste I failed to pull the pump head straight up from the valve.  Because the pump head was tilted a bit it broke off the tiny threaded screw inside the presta valve stem.  The tube had 80 psi in it and thus was sufficient for a test ride but I would need a new tube before the first serious ride.  Murphy sure had it out for me on this project!

This is my first road bike and I have enjoyed it.  I purchased it new from the local bike shop for a bit over $500.  I'm not a racer so I don't need the cutting edge.  The aluminum frame and triple crank suit me just fine.  In the last five years I have upgraded the cranks to Ultegra, added new wheels and swapped out the stem for a shorter one.  On an upright diamond frame bike I like a carbon fiber seat post.  It really does help dampen road vibration so I put one of those on too.  My plan is to ride the bike for a few more years and slowly add new derailleurs and maybe a handlebar until I find a nice road frame and I will just swap all the parts over to the new frame. 

A couple more firsts came with this bike.  I rode my first and only Century ride (100 miles) on this bicycle.  I set my best ever hour record aboard the LeMond:  19.4 miles in sixty minutes.  As I have said before I like all kinds of cycling and when one has an urge for speed nothing satisfies like a road bike.  I missed riding this bike and the coming fall season is what prompted me to get things serviceable.  Now with my form peaking I have timed things just right for some high performance riding on skinny tires. 

 On Sunday afternoon I took a break from the SKCC Week End Sprint on amateur radio and headed out for a ride.  I stopped at the LBS for some new inner tubes and then enjoyed the beautiful day on a 25 mile loop between Lexington and Mansfield, Ohio.  My route was comprised of flat rail trail, urban city streets and rural roads.  Richland County is hilly so while off the bike trail I did get to do some climbing.
The bike felt great and I didn't feel half bad myself. 

Look Ma No Hands!


  1. I have missed looking at your bike trips. For me, lately it would be confined to a 3 wheeled Bike, and with the temp here in Ariz over 100...most likely the bike and me would stay inside. Your pictures are amazing. While the desert has it's own beauty, I have to tell you seeing the area you have taken bike rides makes me want to travel back east.

  2. i have the exact same lemond road bike! down to the carbon fiber fork. its such a great bike..ride on brother