Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Titanium General Purpose Bike
"I like my wheel-brows low and frame tubes made of metal."

Bikes are made for warm fall days.  


  1. Great pictures,Wow, looks beautiful out there! The leaves are turning here in NY as well. Judging by your pictures, I think we're a bit behind you guys though.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful bike. The fenders really look cool too. Take good care, Tom, AB9NZ

  3. Thanks guys for comments. Glad you like my commuter bike Tom. To my eye it looks utilitarian, understated and even a bit drab. I built it up that way on purpose. As a commuter it's ocassionaly locked up to a lampost or bike rack at the store and I wanted it to blend in not stand out. It's a great bike -equally at home on dirt roads or city streets. I even did some mild off-roading on the school's cross country course while on my little leaf tour. Very much the swiss army knife of bicycles.

  4. Beautiful bike, beautiful ride, beautiful photos! Nicely done. I really love the bike. Your colors are a bit ahead of ours, too.

  5. Have just found your site via Rantwick......Some great tree shots here...!
    Over here in the south of the UK most of the trees have now shed almost half of their leaves after the winds that we have been having over this past week...


  6. Speaking of commuter bikes, I rode an "electric" commuter bike a few weeks ago. While much too expensive for most recreational riding, I can see a demand with professional people wanting to arrive at the office without sweating. I was impressed with it....effortless peddling at speeds around 20 mph. A 40 miles commute distance and a rechargeable battery good for around 900 charges.

    Maybe as I age a little more, and gasoline gets more and more expensive each year. Who knows....

  7. Apertome and Trevor -Welcome! I hope you come back and visit often. Thanks for the compliments.

    John, Yes I think we will be seeing more and more electric assist as battery and motor technology marches on. The best part is no messy gas or oil and no stink! Keeping an electric bike clean and operating in top condition should be much easier than the gas powered machines.

    I won't rule it out of my future either -I like gadgets too much!