Saturday, October 22, 2011

Road Bike Ride

After three days of nonstop rain I finally ventured out for a ride on the Motobecane road bike.  The temperatures were chilly in the lower fifties but I layered up accordingly had a nice ride.  I rode the B & O rail trail, a spur line that connects Mansfield, Ohio to the north and Butler, Ohio at the southernmost end.  As part of the expansive Baltimore and Ohio network this line once traveled much deeper towards Southern Ohio but the bike path ends at Butler.  Riding the entire length of the trail both directions makes for a solid workout.

I remembered my camera but noticed when I turned it on I had forgot the memory card.  Trust me it was a beautiful day with many of the leaves still remaining in late autumn yellow and browns.  This year the fall colors came on quick and were nearly gone just as fast.

The titanium Motobecane felt super after a couple of weeks of mainly urban cruising and commuting on the general purpose bike.  I did make one small adjustment to my seat.  During my last few rides I felt a bit cramped on the bike and sure enough when I moved the seat back on it's rails about 1/8" I noticed an improvement.  If there is one piece of advice I would give to cyclists its don't be afraid to take advantage of the adjustable parts on your bicycle.  The small tweaks can have a great effect on your comfort going into the second and third hours on the road.  It takes me about 500 miles on a particular bike to get everything dialed in and feeling natural and with this bike I think I'm getting close.

Richland County B & O Trail

Bike:  Motobecane Le Champion
Ride Time:  2:33:00
Distance:  37.3 Miles
Average Speed:  14.5 MPH
Max Speed:  20.2 MPH
Motobecane Odometer:  330 Miles

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