Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shed News

After three trailer loads I now have 4,180 pounds of number 57 limestone spread out for the base of my shed.  It looks as if I will need another ton to raise the grade to the level I want.  The wheel barrow has proven it's effectiveness in transporting every last pound from the driveway back to the shed site.

A sharp eye will spot fossilized remains among the gravel.

This cool tool is a human powered lawn roller that came with the house when we bought the property.  I  use this 300 pound steel roller to smooth out the ground before erecting the swimming pool and flattening lumpy turf in the springtime after the ground has thawed.  I noticed that it works exceptionally well for compacting the stone of the shed base.  Walking on the rolled limestone feels more like a paved surface than a loose pile of stones.  After spreading out the final load of rock I will roll it some more and the result should be a very flat and stable foundation.

Things are progressing on schedule.  I will order more stone today for delivery on Friday leaving me the weekend to complete the final preparations before the shed's arrival next week.



  1. Looks like fun actually. Is your boy giving you a hand? When I was little, a project like this would have been right up my ally. Removing stumps was always fun too! Funny how our ideas of what is fun change when we get older haha.

  2. recumbent conspiracy theoristSeptember 14, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Yes Wyatt has been helping out. He has suprised me too. He has put some serious effort into the job. I give him $10/hour and he earns it.

    Yea it is fun. I get great satisfaction from this kind of work. It is hard core strenuous labor but much more interesting than going to the gym.