Thursday, September 29, 2011

News at Amateur Radio Station W8MDE

It's been rainy so I've been getting on the air.

W8MDE is my new amateur radio call sign.  My old call sign was KD8JHJ.   

Call Sign CW Weight Results
Call sign    Weight
KD8JHJ    82
W8MDE    54
K8MDE    54
N8MDE    50  (shortest)

Weight is determined by the number of dots, dashes and spaces that make up a call sign in Morse code.  The lesser the weight the less effort and time expended during sending.

Check out my new bio page at  put my call sign in the search.

Some recent activations:

September 2011  SKCC Week End Sprint
(last wes under call sign KD8JHJ)

7.057    00:47    N2WT    MD    John    4965T
7.109    00:57    KB2RAW    NY    Bill    6539T
7.111    01:01    W4NA    VA    Nate    5262T
7.112    01:06    K9SKC    NY    George    2836T
7.110    01:19    N0UMP    MO    Bill    659T
7.058    01:25    WA1lWS    MD    Hans    1933T
7.056    01:35    AC8JD    MI    Joe    8107C
7.054   01:40    K1LEE    CT  Lee    7246
7.052    01:43    W3OKC    PA    Steve    7186T
14.053    01:55    AD5VC    LA    Dana    1555T
7.057    02:13    NW3K    NY    Dean    7330T
7.055.5    02:25    W1LVT    VT    Len    3932T
7.052    14:15    WQ9Z    IL    Roy    325T
7.055.5    14:20    N4PGJ    NY    Ron    6869T
14.046    15:26    F6HKA    FRA    Bert    6069T


Crawford County Amateur Radio Club 
50 Years of Service Special Event

I consider it near sacrilege to not activate a cw (Morse code) station at my club's 50th Aniversary Special Event.  The weather forecasts called for rain and storms but we got lucky.  I set up in the open and enjoyed an afternoon of rare sunshine.  Went home and changed into shorts.

Whiskey 8 Bacon And Eggs

7060    14:45    N8KZH    WV    Ron
7060    14:51   KB3LGO    PA   Walt
7060    14:55    AB8EL    OH    Don
7060    15:26    WB3BIQ    PA    Rick
7060    16:00    W8DP    WV    Dallas
7060    16:30    KD8OTT    MI    Bryon
7060    16:44    K3PR    PA    Joe
7060    17:41    K9LWA    IN    Bob
7060    18:57    K8JV    MI    Jim
7061    19:30    KC9SNC    WI    Don

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