Monday, August 1, 2011

"My Insulator" A poem by Dwight Dodge

I belong to an online club called ICON or Insulator Collectors On the Net.  Icon is a great club full of resources and people very passionate about the insulator hobby.  I suscribe to the club's message board in digest form so that it automatically downloads to my email everyday.  I am just a lurker mostly and don't post much to the ICON board but I very much enjoy the discussions about all aspects of the Hobby.  This weekend I saw this poem submitted to the Icon site by Mr Dodge of British Columbia.  The poem resonates with me and I believe captures the magic perfectly.  Great Job Dwight!
-Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist 


My Insulator

I have an insulator

That gleams so very fine

Whenever sunlight streams upon

This glassy jewel of mine.

There upon the window sill,

It captures ev'ry beam.

It stores them up and sends them out

Much richer, it would seem.

Just feel it's solid beauty.

The lines are round and clean.

You touch a part of days gone by

In molded glass of green.

I would like to know just what

It heard when it was young;

When the wires whispered to it,

While on the pole it hung.

Just perhaps, it heard about

The death of some one grand.

No doubt, it heard about a war

That raged across the land.

All it heard, I cannot know.

The present I can see.

It warms the heart to contemplate

What beauty there can be.

Dwight Dodge


  1. Wow, that is great Mike, it deserves to go viral. Tnx for sharing, Tom, AB9NZ

  2. Aside from my interest in bikes, I do have an insulator collection....of ONE insulator. The former interest is much greater than the latter interest, however, I also only have one bike!