Saturday, January 15, 2011

Livestrong LS10.0E

This 300 pound thing is called an elliptical.  LeeAnn has a gym membership and a years worth of experience using elliptical trainers.  On her recommendations we pooled our funds and requisitioned this unit for our home gym.
I spent the better part of this afternoon assembling the parts.  The flywheel is huge and the lower link arms, the bars with the treads for standing on pivot on hefty 1/2" I.D. sealed cartridge bearings doubled up no less on machined steel shafts.  I am impressed with this piece of equipment.  Viewing the mechanism from the side reminds me of the piston on an old steam engine,  except in this case no steam, I'm going to be the engine.  The foot treads travel in an elliptical pattern simulating a running movement except without the impact.
Useful amenities are a slot at the top of the control panel to hold a cell phone or music player and of course a cup holder.  This will be a welcome alternative to This.  Good call LeeAnn. 


  1. Holy Moses, look at all that techno-pain! Nice looking machine. How much does it weigh? I'm always impressed at how much these types of things weigh - always a lot more than you suspect.

    Enjoy the new equipment. I need to start exercising myself, I am growing laterally this winter!

  2. 300 lbs of steel. Yes it's a monster but the action is smooth as silk.

    Gotta stay motivated. The older you get the faster that lateral expansion occurs.